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Pricing for my services is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client. As every business is distinct, the cost will vary based on factors such as the scope of services, the complexity of financial needs, and the level of support desired. This personalized pricing strategy allows me to offer flexible and fair arrangements, providing you with the most value for your investment. Let's discuss your specific needs, and together, we can determine the pricing structure that best suits your goals and budget.

Basic bookkeeping

Basic bookkeeping is the process of recording, organizing, and maintaining a company's financial transactions. It provides the financial foundation for a business. It allows for better financial decision-making, helps in tracking profitability, and provides a clear overview of a company's financial position.


Invoicing is the process of sending a document, known as an invoice, to a customer or client to request payment for goods or services provided. It is a crucial aspect of business operations, as it helps maintain transparent financial records, ensures timely payments, and establishes a clear understanding between the business and its clients regarding the goods or services provided and the associated costs.

bill  pay

Bill pay, often referred to as "bill payment," is the process of settling financial obligations by paying bills or invoices. It involves remitting funds to cover various expenses, such as utilities, rent or mortgage, internet and phone services, insurance premiums, and other regular or one-time payments. It's a vital function of businesses to manage their accounts payable and maintain healthy relationships with vendors and service providers.

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